• गोधन भंडार opening ceremony ***


    गोधन भंडार (GO-DHAN BHANDAR, First Exclusive Cow Shoppe by VENU MADHURI at Kolhapur town) will be inaugrated on Monday, 26th Nov 2012 at Kolhapur in the presence of 2 local MLAs and other well-wishers. Your gracious presence and blessings for the occasion will be forever cherished.
  • MEDA State Award ***

    On March 13th 2012, at New Mumbai, Venu Madhuri received the State Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management under NGO sector for the year 2008-09.

  • रामणवाडीत दुधाची नव्हे; गोमुत्राची डेअरी

    Sakal Times News Article on Ramanwadi Cow Urine Dairy

    कोल्हापूर - देशी गाई भरपूर होत्या, त्या वेळी गोमूत्र व शेणाचे महत्त्व कोणाला नव्हते; पण आता गाई कमी झाल्या आणि गोमूत्राचे महत्त्व कळले. त्यामुळे चक्क देशी गाईंच्या गोमुत्राची डेअरी सुरू करावी लागली आहे. किटलीतून डेअरीत दूध घालायला यावे, तशा पद्धतीने किटलीतूनच गोमूत्र दररोज जमा केले जात आहे.

  • Rangrao Patil's Financial Trap Ends

    At a young age of 18 years, Rangrao Patil had to move away from Ramanwadi, his home, to work at the Power Loom factory located in a Ichalkaranji.  The reason he had to leave was scarcity of water to carry out agriculture, his basic occupation, in the land that he owned. Ranga is now 36 years old. He has had to leave his family behind due to this shift.

  • Maruti Patil Reviving Cow Culture

    Cow is the foundation for nutrition, organic manure, bio fuel, lasting environment protection & reduction to drudgery.

  • Vilas Ganapati Happier Than Ever

    "Venu Madhuri transformed my life" - Sri Vilas Ganapati Patil

  • Watershed / Natural Irrigation Systems

    To promote traditional and efficient natural irrigation systems and watershed management programmes so that adequate water is available for drinking and for agriculture.

  • Yashwant Patil Slashes Loan Burden

    The setting of the story is a familiar one; a feudal merchant, a peasant turned bonded laborer, burden of loan mounting on the latter due to compound interest. So one would normally expect a chilling account of never-ending miseries that culminate in the death of a hapless peasant.